The Healing Place of Huntington

The Healing Place of Huntington provides a long-term residential program of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. The recovery center for men, located at 2425 9th Avenue in Huntington, WV, offers 30 beds and will increase capacity to 100 over time. The Healing Place of Huntington is built on two principles: unconditional love and personal accountability. Both are lost in a life of addiction. The heart of our program is a change of character achieved through working the twelve steps of recovery. Ultimately, men become productive members of society.

The Healing Place of Huntington is a replication of the model program at The Healing Place of Louisville, KY, which the US Department of Health and Human Services has recognized as a “model that works” in breaking the vicious cycle of addiction. In fact, it serves as the model for Recovery Kentucky (with ten similar recovery centers in that state) and it has been replicated in communities such as Richmond, VA and Raleigh, NC. The Healing Place model saves lives and restores families.